Birds and People Title

Birds and People is soon to be published

Birds and People has been an enormously ambitious book project to document and celebrate the diverse ways in which birds play a part in human lives.

Although the preparatory talks were as early as 2006, work began in earnest in January 2007. Now, 2,276 days later, Birds and People is finished and being printed as we speak in China. It has involved a remarkable collaborative effort that included not just an author (Mark Cocker) and a photographer (David Tipling) but also an international publisher (Random House) and a global conservation organisation (BirdLife International).

David Tipling travelled round the world and on every continent to assemble a unique collection of photographs that document the roles which birds play in human lives. I as author have largely sat at a desk in my home in a Norfolk village talking to the world by email and have enjoyed a correspondence with many hundreds of people in 81 countries. Quite literally we could not have done it without all this support and that statement is reflected in the fact that Birds and People is dedicated to its 650 contributors.

Publication date is on 1 August 2013 and we cannot wait.

Mark Cocker
May 2013