• 27 Feb 2022
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About Us

BirdsAndPeople originally is a book project to document and celebrate the diverse ways in which birds play a part in human lives. After acquiring the domain, we decided to change its purpose. Now BirdsAndPeople.com has become a community of everyone committed to sharing valuable information for pet owners, parents, and pet lovers. Our team includes pet owners, experts, trainers, and animal lovers. Our pet products and experiences are shared with animal lovers to help them have happier and healthier pets. If you are part of the pet-owner community, then this resource will certainly help you!

Our Mission

BirdsAndPeople publishes news and pet products. We want to make the world a better place for pets and their owners. The best way to foster a healthy relationship between pet owners and pets is to have the most current and credible information. We want to make pet care easy and stress-free for owners.

How do we review products?

Market research is a major part of our business and we are more likely to concentrate on certain features. These product reviews should be reviewed. Before we publish any reviews on our website, we make sure that they are read. This helps us keep our promises to customers in the best possible way.

We offer our opinions on all topics discussed at the end. We are happy to answer questions and listen to our audience.

How We Earn Money

At BirdsAndPeople, we do not take any money from advertisers or sponsors. We buy every product that we test to ensure completely honest results. We earn money through affiliate marketing. This means that if you read our article, and we help you make a decision to purchase a product, we will get a small percentage of the sale price when you click on the link from our page. There is no cost to you, our reader, at all. As an Amazon Associate, BirdsAndPeople earns from qualifying purchases.