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Our specialists have researched and selected 10 wood lint brush on the market in 2023 that will satisfy both your demands and your budget. All of them come from the study of nearly 17,615 client feedbacks. Furthermore, there are exceptional items from reputable producers across the world, often Home-it, Bfwood, Miscly, Superio, Boao, Cokaka, Manitr, Denpetec, Jiffy steamer, Sealegend, Daxiaodi, Ojj, Evercare, Genex.

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Measures 10

Chrome accents

all in 1

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Built-in shoe horn Walnut wood brush and its a cloth brush from one side and the other side its a lint brush

REFRESH YOUR DAILY CLOTHES: The boar bristles are soft enough not to damage or pull clothing but stiff enough to lint remover, clear dust. Perfect for pet hair, lint, human hair! Gently brushing clothes make your clothes look fresh and clean. Not for very hard fabrics such as denim.

ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Made of biodegradable raw materials that won’t harm the environment. In addition to removing lint and pet hair better than sticky rolls, it also makes fabric look fresh and vibrant. This brush is a better choice than a tape roller and doesn't cause waste.

FAST AND EFFICIENT: Just a few seconds of brushing will remove lint, fuzz, and dust from suits, velvet, wool, or cashmere. Able to quickly remove lint and dust before going outside. Significant time savings. NOT FOR PILLING.

SAVE YOUR MONEY: Extend the life of high-quality clothing and reduce the frequency of dry cleaning. Significant savings on dry cleaning costs.

CLOTHES BRUSH DETAILS: Size: 10.24 X 1.34 X 1.46 in; Made of solid black walnut wood and pure boar bristle.

PREMIUM MATERIALS AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: Our bristles are made of genuine boar hair. Natural bristles are the best because they are more gentle on fabrics and the have more “give” than synthetic brushes. Also natural brushes last longer than their synthetic counterparts

KEEP YOUR SUITS AND OTHER CLOTHES CLEAN AND WELL MAINTAINED: Remove dirt and hair from you garments with a few simple strokes. Your clothing will look better and last longer, Perfect for suits, coats, trousers and more

PERFECT FOR REMOVING PET HAIR FROM FURNITURE AND CLOTHING: If you have pets, this brush will be a real life saver. It’s also fantastic for removing pet hair from car seats

NO MORE LINT ROLLERS: Stop wasting money on the disposable rollers. Our brush works better and can be reused time and time again

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Backed by our 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. Order now - risk free

SOFT BRISTLES: The bristles are sturdy but soft enough to not damage clothing your clothing and upholstery will be looking their best with this handy napped brush.

LINT & DUST REMOVER: 1 side has black velvet, the other side is black soft bristles that easy removes any hair from human, cat or pet hair, keeps free of clingy threads, lint and small fuzz balls.

SHOE HORN: As a bonus it has at the tip of the handle a shoehorn to help you or your kids ware shoes to a comfort fit. This precious handy brush is a must for every home!!

EASY TO CLEAN: The two-sided head is to remove pet lint and dust form cloths, jackets, dresses, pants and shirts. A convenient cloth brush.

DURABLE BRUSH: Sturdy constructed custom designed all purpose apparel brush, ergonomic handle on a solid hardwood base with a nice finish, a Durable and reusable home brush!!!

Package includes: you will receive 1 piece beech wood multi-fabric sweater comb, 1 piece fine wool comb and 1 piece lint brush, great for de-pilling sweaters and clothing, making your clothes tidy and clean

Refresh your clothes: the lint removal tools are essential for the whole family to refresh your clothes, can be applied to remove lint from clothes, sweaters, jumpers, hats, furniture, car seats within just a few seconds, easy and convenient to use

Durable material: the cashmere comb is made of cedar wood and lint comb adopts beech wood material, more sturdy and durable that those made of plastic, ensure a long service life; These wood fuzz removers are designed to work with most fabric types and is gentle to glide over your garments

Clear effect: from treasured hand-knits to fine cashmere, you can safely and effectively de-fuzz your favorite textile; You will be amazed to see how easy it is for the depilling combs to renew your knitwear, just simply glide over the fabric surface can make your textile become smooth and soft

Size details: the wood cashmere comb and sweater shaver comb are both 7.7 x 4.5cm/ 3.05 x 1.8 inches in size, the lint brush is 29.5 x 5.2 cm/ 11.62 x 2.05 inches; They work well on gently removing fuzz, lint and pilling without destroying your garments

STURDY SOFT HORSEHAIR BRISTLE BRUSH- Cokaka clothes brush is made of soft natural horsehair bristle brush, which will create a scratch-free shine on all leather shoes, clothes, handbags, sofa, mat and even the suits.

MAINTAIN YOUR CLOTHES FOR DAILY USE- Cokaka clothes brush is the most gentle brush to maintain your fragile or expensive clothes, shoes, bags or furniture and keep them clean for daily use.

EASY TO USE - just need to simply stroke for removing dirt, dust, lint or pet hair from your garment, shoes and furniture, your clothing and shoes will look better and last longer. That SAVES YOUR TIME! Please pay attention to cleaning up the brush after each using and keep it dry on hanging or into the matching package box.

100% SATISFIED WARRANTY- Our brush is the best quality brush, will never hair loss, no mater how long use. LIFETIME WARRANTY!

REAL WOODEN HANDLE AND HANDHOLD SIZE DESIGN- Cokaka clothes brush is made of environmental real wooden handle with oil paint. Handhold size: 2.2x10x1.3inches, portable for travel. Highly recommended as gift for friends and family.

Quick and safe to use:The reusable double sided lnt remover is safely and efficiently removes fuzz, pills, and lint from the sweater, blankets, curtains, carpets, and more.

A Must for Every Home - Your clothes will look flawless with the lint roller! This simple lint remover device makes an excellent job at cleaning lint, dust, or pet hair from every inch of your clothes or carpets.

Widely Use:Travel Brush.It easily remove pet hair, bread crumbs, lint, etc. without leaving sticky residue. Ideal for cleaning clothes, bedding, furniture and car interiors.

Battery-Free: No more batteries wasted unlike battery operated cloth shavers which fail to continuously bring strong power. This Portable Lint Remover brings stable and constant strong power to remove lint and balls.

High quality : Pure copper head ensures long service life, easy to remove pet hair, bread crumbs, cotton velvet, etc., without leaving sticky residue, ideal for cleaning clothes, bedding, furniture and car interiors .

Wide popularity: The comb lint r emovers, suitable for home, car or office to help you maintain a clean and tidy look anytime and anywhere; This comb makes quick work of cleaning clothes, most types of felt and blankets, and also can be applied for cleaning pet hair from clothes and sofa, take just seconds to give you a different look; You can also share with your family and friends.

R emov es pills quickly: Shave and r emo ve the pills or bobbles from your cashmere and fine wool sweaters with ease instantly and efficiently. Designed for finer garments and wools, our comb fabric shaver will help r emove fabric fluff, and bobbles from your favorite clothing.

Humanized design: this wool cashmere comb, both the solid wood handle and the steel mesh are processed with a smooth edge, avoids scratching the palm of your hand and minimizes the pull on the coarse fabric, especially when compared with the bilateral style; The fruitier transition of cleaning mesh is fit for clothes that need to be treated with care, will not damage the clothes.

Portable and convenient: the cashmere shaver doesn't use batteries, only takes up a small space; Carrying it with you will quickly r emove pilling and fuzz to keep tidy and neat; A manual portable fuzz r emover to help everyone get ready with good appearance to go to work, school, church, or other event.

Rejuvenate your cashmere sweaters: Don't throw out your favorite cashmere sweaters when in just a few minutes you can use our turstworthy wood handled comb shaver to r emove all the fuzz, pills and even lint to make them look great for years to come.

Great for removing lint, fuzz, dust and dandruff quickly from your clothing

Double-sided surface

Great for travel

Great for travel

Made in China

Great for removing lint, fuzz, dust and dandruff quickly from your clothing

Left or Right hand usage

Left or Right hand usage

Made in China

1 Year Warranty

PREVENTING FIRE RISKS : Preventing fire risks of your beautiful house by using this brush to clean the buildup lint in the cloth dryer vent pipe.

Remove accumulated lint : Improving cloth dryer working performance by using this brush to cleaning the trapped lint and dust in dryer gap and exhaust port.

Quantity : 2 Pcs

More uses : It also can be used to clean the dust and pet hair under furniture and appliances.

Brush size : Comfortable Pure Wood handle(4-3/4"), long and flexible stainless steel Wire shaft(29" ), Sturdy and thick bristles((13-1/3"). Easy to use and works well.

What Does Our Expert Advise You To Consider wood lint brush?

wood lint brush is chosen based on a number of parameters. Depending on the product category, the learning process differs. And so, we're here to consult, guide, and address your product-related problems.

The most effective ones have indeed been proven to work. Prior to purchasing things, do some research on wood lint brush. Here are some questions to consider.

  • How about it leads you to think they'd be interested?
  • What are the pros of acquiring this merchandise?
  • Why is it vital to evaluate certain qualities while selecting the best product for your requirements and circumstances?
  • Can you receive the worth of buying this product?
  • Is there a site on the internet where I can comprehend more about this product?

Due to market volatility, we are unable to react to all of our clients' requests. By undertaking a proactive search of credible sources, as many materials as feasible should be gathered. Wir uses artificial intelligence, massive data, and a well-calibrated product listing system to provide product suggestions.

It would be beneficial to examine these features more deeply because they were produced and reviewed by people and technology. Keep in mind the following points:


It is an ongoing task to remove lint. You need a strong, high-quality lint remover that lasts. A lint removal that is fragile or weak is an expensive waste.

Power Source

Lint removers can run off one of three sources of power: an AC adapter or replaceable batteries.
- AC adapter: You must plug this lint removal device into an electrical outlet. This limits the areas you can use. The cord can also get in the way. They are the strongest and most effective at removing lint.
- You can replace the batteries. This lint removal product is cordless so it can be used anywhere. You should have spare working batteries in case it doesn't perform as well as models that use AC adapters.
- The rechargeable battery: These lint removal products are also very mobile and cordless. You must charge your battery every day.

Motor Power

To be effective, a lint removal product doesn't need a powerful motor. You should make sure the motor you choose has sufficient power to do the job.
You will get the most out of your motor, so make sure you have at least three to five watts.


This could influence your choice if you have pets or children who are curious. Fuzz shaver, for example, is not safe to use around children because the blade is open. We recommend using a lint brush for children who live near electric lint removers.


Lint removers should not be difficult to use on delicate fabrics. A lint remover should not ruin your clothing while removing the lint. You want something gentle but powerful enough to remove the lint.


The right size lint roller is important. If you are constantly on the go, this is particularly important. If you travel, it is essential to have one that can fit in your pocket or bag. You should also avoid choosing one that has blades like fuzz shavers if you are travelling by plane.


Lint removers typically have three or more blades to effectively remove the lint. For the most effective and thorough removal of lint, you can find lint extractors that have six or more blades.


It is worth looking into the additional features that a lint removal product might offer. You might want to consider upgrading your scale to one with a more elaborate handle. Other extra features include speed settings, special blades or a unique design.

Waste Bin

Lint removers collect lint, fuzz and other waste in a bin that must be regularly emptyed to ensure the device works properly.
You should look for an item with a clear bin. This allows you to check how much lint is left and when it's time for emptying.


You'll first need to determine which lint removal product you want. Although electric lint removalrs can be effective, they must also be charged in order to work. They are easy to use and can cause damage to clothes. Lint rollers have become a popular choice. Although they are easy to use and efficient, lint brushes can be difficult to clean. Although fuzz shavers can be very efficient, there is no place to keep the lint. Each type of lint removal product has its pros and cons.

Cutting Depth

You can adjust the distance the blades touch the cloth to protect it. You can remove lint both from tightly-woven and loosely-woven fabrics.
You should look for models that offer two to three depths of cutting.


Can You Use A Lint Remover On Cashmere?

Cashmere is delicate and should be treated with care. However, because it's tightly woven it can work well with a fabric lint eliminator. To avoid ripping or tearing cashmere, however, it is important to use the tool gently.

Could A Lint Remover Damage Fabric?

If the lint remover isn't used correctly, it can cause holes in fabrics, tear fabric, or create tears. You can use gentle pressure to run the machine. Adjust the depth of cutting for tightness in the fabric weave.

How Does A Lint Remover Work?

There are many types and brands of lint removal products on the market. Although the mechanisms may differ, all lint removal products work on the same issue: Lint removal. You can hold some devices, whether they are battery-operated or electrical. They have hidden blades that work like a razor to remove lint and fuzz from clothing. There are also sticky lint rollers with handles and heads that have sticky papers to adhere to lint on surfaces. A fuzz shaver is the third. It comes with a tooth cutter and a copper blade. This removes any lint on surfaces.

How Do You Clean A Lint Remover?

To clean your body, use a damp cloth and remove the lint. The cloth can be used to clean and polish the blades and shaving surfaces. You can use the small brush included in some devices to remove any fuzz or lint from those places. You should not get any liquids or water inside your lint removal product.

What Causes Lint On Clothes?

Lint are tiny pieces of fabric that stick on clothes when they're washed or dried. When washing clothes clothes, the water loosens dirt and lint that tend to stick to the cloth while it is still damp. The lint can't be removed from clothes even after they are dried. Here is why you need a lint removal product. You will be able to get rid of lint once you have one of the lint removal products mentioned. There are many options available to help you choose the right lint removal product for your specific needs. These products are all great for removing lint and other debris, such as pet hair or pilling. This one purchase will transform all of your furniture and clothes into something new. You just need to make sure you get rid of all lint promptly and allow for more to collect from your clothing.

How Do You Remove Lint Without A Lint Remover?

You can remove lint from clothes without using a lint-removing product by using heavy-duty tape. If you rub it on the areas where the lint is, a tape like duct tape or masking tape can work. Throw it away once the tape becomes unsticky and you can get another piece to help remove the lint.

What Does A Lint Remover Do?

Lint removers are used to get rid of hair, lint and pill from clothing. This device cleans the clothes of any accumulated debris. A lint removal product can be applied to carpets, carseats, and beds.

Because we are product consulting professionals with much expertise, we believe the data is credible. Aside from that, the wood lint brush data is kept up to date, and you may feel confident that the information is up to date and correct.

We can help you in addition to wood lint brush. If you want to support, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks for reading!

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